At a glance

Help us solve challenging problems for our 30 million diners and 5000 restaurants across 7 cities in Asia. In this product design intern role, you’ll be expected to contribute meaningfully to the delivery of value to our customers by working closely with our product team and other product designers, and helping create design solutions that are functional and future-proof.

Please apply if you’re someone who..

  • Is curious and inquisitive about all aspects of product design
  • Has a keen eye for detail
  • Has proficiency with at least one design tool (such as Figma, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, etc)
  • Takes full ownership of the work you do

What you’ll be doing..

  • Participating in design reviews and critiques, providing productive and constructive feedback to fellow designers
  • Assisting with inventorying and standardizing our design system components
  • Assisting in user research to ensure that your design decisions are rooted in user needs

If you’re excited by what you’ve read, send us your portfolio - we’d love to have a chat with you!

We’re also looking for a Senior Product Designer & Product Designer to join our team in Singapore. View and apply here:

What is Chope?

The word “Chope” in Singapore means to reserve a seat in a fast food restaurant, sometimes by placing a packet of tissue paper on it. We provide software to restaurants to manage their businesses ( , a reservations and food delivery platform (iOS and Android apps and web ) for consumers to book restaurants or order delivery that’s also integrated with restaurants and partners like Google and Tripadvisor and a deals platform for consumers to get discounts on their dining. Founded in Singapore in 2011, Chope has offices in 7 cities across Asia. Happy dining!

We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.